Childcare Transportation Services

  • The Owen J. Roberts School District is committed to providing child-care transportation services for eligible elementary and middle school students. To ensure a smooth process, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    Application Process:

    • Child-care transportation arrangements must be applied for annually and are subject to review and approval.
    • It is recommended to submit child-care requests for the upcoming school year during the spring and summer but no later than the first Friday of August to facilitate readiness for the school year.
    • Requests received during the school year will be processed in the order they are received. Until the request is reviewed, parents are responsible for arranging alternative transportation.

    Guidelines for Submission:

    Before submitting your request, carefully review the following:

    • The childcare provider must be within the attendance boundary of the student's school.

    • Requests should be submitted annually by the parent/guardian directly to the OJRSD Transportation Dept.

    • Changes or requests will not be accepted if submitted by the childcare provider.

    • Space availability is determined based on the rated capacity of the bus.

    • Requests must align with established stops listed on the transportation schedule. Stops will not be added at a childcare provider's home unless it qualifies as a licensed childcare facility.

      • Example of licensed facilities: Warwick Daycare and Ducklings.
    • Bus and stop locations are scheduled weekly (Monday-Friday). Individual day requests are not permitted.

    • Parents are responsible for alternate transportation arrangements for any reason.

    • Upon approval, childcare transportation arrangements become the sole authorized transportation for the student.

    Application Procedures:

    1. Complete the Childcare Transportation Request Form.
    2. The Director of Transportation will review all requests.
    3. Upon approval, notification of the approved childcare transportation will be sent to the bus contractor.
    4. Parents will be notified of the request status by the Transportation Dept.
    5. The request form will be filed with the Transportation Dept. for reference.

    We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines to ensure the efficient provision of child-care transportation services.