Parents, would you like to volunteer?

  • Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Would you like to serve as an  ART VOLUNTEER in our OJRMS Art Program? 

    If YES, please contact Mrs. Ingrid Fake at

    Clearances are required.

    Volunteerism is needed throughout the school year in the various areas of creating and hanging art displays, photographing students' artworks, helping to prepare art materials,  making signs, creating labels, partnering with various organizational tasks,  and much, MUCH more.  Your donation of one hour or more goes a long way for our students who are participating in the numerous crafts and fine arts programs at the Owen J. Roberts Middle School.

    Thank you. And, I look forward to serving as your child's art teacher this year.


    Mrs. Ingrid Fake

    Middle School Art Teacher

    Art Club Advisor

    Art Projects Coordinator