•  Naviance Login Instructions

    1. Go to ojrsd.com
    2. Click on ‘Student’
    3. Click on Naviance MS icon
    4. Click ‘I need to register’
    5. Enter registration code given to you by Mrs. Handforth or Mrs. Gatto
    6. Enter your login name which is your OJRSD User ID (Example: 23JSMITH@ojrsd.net)
    7. Create a password
    8. Click ‘Login’

    Career Cluster Finder

    1. Click on Careers
    2. Scroll to ‘Explore’
    3. Click on ‘Career Cluster Finder’ on the left
    4. Click ‘Start’
    5. Follow instructions

    Roadtrip Nation

    1. Click on ‘Careers’
    2. Scroll down to ‘Roadtrip Nation’
    3. Click ‘Find your Road’
    4. Follow instructions