•  Monthly, Weekly and Daily Mental Health Awareness


    1. National Suicide Prevention Month (Teal and Purple ribbon)
    2. National Recovery Month (Teal Ribbon)
    3. National ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Awareness Month Purple Ribbon)


    1. National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month
    2. Bullying Prevention Month
    3. Mental Illness Awareness Week - 1st Week of October
    4. National Depression Screening Day (Gray Ribbon) - October 8th
    5. World Mental Health Day - October 10th
    6. Mental Illness Awareness (Gray Ribbon)
    7. Week 1 Mental Health Awareness week
    8. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Awareness Week - 2nd Week of October
    9. Mourning Awareness Month (Black Ribbon)
    10. Manic Depression (Green Ribbon) 


    1. Drug & Alcohol Prevention Month (Red Ribbon) 


    1. February 23rd-March1st Eating Disorder Awareness week (Periwinkle Ribbon)
    2. Bipolar Disorder Awareness (Green Ribbon) 


    1. Dissociative Identity Disorder (Teal Ribbon)
    2. March 9th World 🌎 Panic Day 


    1. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD, Teal Ribbon)
    2. Substance abuse Red Ribbon)


    1. Mental Health Awareness Month (Lime Green Ribbon)
    2. Suicide Awareness Month (Yellow Ribbon 🎗️)
    3. Schizophrenia Awarenesses (Silver Ribbon)
    4. Tourette's Syndrome (Green Ribbon)
    5. Trauma Awareness (Black Ribbon)