Inspiring Excellence. Inspired Students.

Inspiring Excellence. Inspired Students.


To report all absences or tardiness call:

(610) 469-5688


Please complete the:
Non-School Sponsored Travel Form
(click above for link)

All non-school sponsored travel requests must be submitted and approved no later than one week prior to the first date of absence.

Parents/guardians will notify the school of their child’s absence by telephone the evening before or the morning of the student’s absence.** All documentation of student absences, including a record of all telephone calls, will be maintained in the School Attendance Office and shall be considered the official record. Communications for reporting student absences will only be accepted from the authorized parents and/or guardians. The procedures are as follows:

The evening before or by the start of the school day on the morning of the absence, the parent/guardian must call: (610) 469-5688.
The system will direct the caller to the appropriate building extension. The phone call may be recorded for security or verification purposes.
At the tone, please state:

  • your (parent or guardian) name
  • your relationship to the student
  • the student’s full name
  • the student’s grade
  • the reason for the absence or tardiness
  • the teacher/homeroom name, if known
  • a return telephone number

If the student is absent for more than one day, the parents/guardians should call the attendance line for each subsequent day unless instructed otherwise by the building attendance clerk.
In those cases where the student is absent and the parent has not called, the school office will attempt to call the parent at home or place of work and, if necessary, leave a message.

Any student who is absent for three or more consecutive days is required to present a physician’s excuse to validate the absences.

** Written excuse cards delivered by hand or fax will continue to be accepted.

Name Title Email Phone Role
Jaymie Kiley Attendance Clerk-EC 610-469-5707 Attendance
Ravina Breden Attendance Clerk-HS 610-469-5144 Attendance
Alexandra Lewis Attendance Clerk-FC 610-469-5710 Attendance
Chris        Ficca Attendance Clerk-NC 610-469-5709 Attendance
Diane Banks Attendance Clerk-WV 610-469-1402 Attendance
Dottie Troutman Attendance Clerk-MS 610-469-5717 Attendance
Karen Hydutsky Attendance Clerk-EV 610-469-5714 Attendance