• English Language Development Program 
    The Owen J. Roberts English Language Development (ELD) department consists of two teachers who each hold an ESL program specialist certificate. Schools in the district with students who have been identified as English learners (ELs) are instructed by these teachers. The district's ELs represent many different countries including, but not limited to, Brazil, China, Dominic of Republic, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, and Vietnam.

    Students are identified as English learners by a process mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    Once identified, the OJR School District is held accountable for providing research based instruction to ensure that our ELs are making progress toward English language proficiency as measured by the state English language proficiency assessment (currently the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0®).

    ELD instruction is differentiated with regards to each student’s level of English proficiency, grade level and previous school experience.
    It is the regular classroom teacher’s responsibility to adapt appropriate curriculum materials for an EL student.

    Parent communication is an integral part of the ELD program. The district has several services in place to make communicating with all of our ELs’ families possible.

    ELs are expected to meet content standards in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, world languages, fine arts, health and physical education. Appropriate accommodations may be needed in these areas and must be evidenced through some type of documentation. ELs must have equal access to all academic programs and extracurricular activities with accommodations for their English proficiency levels.

    According to ESSA, English learners may not be placed in special education as a means of receiving English language instruction. However, if the student is diagnosed with learning disabilities other than language deficiency, ELD instruction will be provided in addition to the student's special education program.
  • ESL Staff:


    Name      Title                      Email                                 Phone                   Role

    Amy   ESL Teacher   alaczkowski@ojrsd.net            610-469-5519         ELD


    Krista   ESL Teacher   klazorik@ojrsd.net                 610-469-5244        ELD


    Kari   ELS Teacher    kklaus@ojrsd.net                     610-469-2041         ELD