• WELCOME TO ADVERTISING CLASS.   In this one-semester course, students will be introduced to the concepts and theories of advertising, as well as career opportunities available in the field.  Advertising terminology and concepts used in the various advertising media will provide a hands-on approach for students to produce a variety of advertising projects.   I have provided links to the nine weeks content and files used in the course.  I encourage all students to take advantage of the resources and information on this page.


    REQUIRED RESOURCES:  1” Binder with 4 dividers and calculator, download/signup for the following free smartphone/Ipod apps(Dropbox, Flashlight (must be able to change colors), EasyBib)

    First Nine Weeks

    ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN (Start Advertising Campaign during the 1st week)

    PLACE OF ADVERTISING (History/Roles/Research)

    PLANNING ADVERTISING (Target Marketing)

    ***nine weeks project***

    MEDIA (Basic Media Strategy, Newspapers, Magazines)

    CREATING THE AD(Creating the Copy, Print Production)


    Second Nine Weeks

    CREATING THE AD(Creating the Copy, Print Production) (continued)

    MEDIA (Outdoor,Direct-Response, Radio, Television)

    CREATING THE AD(Creating the Copy, Radio, Television Commercial)

    ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN (Finish Advertising Campaign and Present to Class)