Issuance of Working Papers

  • Procedure for Issuance of Working Papers

    Please complete the following application and email it to Joyce Mowrer at in order for a permit to be issued.  
    Under Child Labor Law, all minors ages 14 through 17 require a work permit.  The child must be a resident of Owen J. Roberts School District and must work in the state of Pennsylvania.  Students or parents may download the Work Permit Application below and return the completed signed application, via email, along with the acceptable proof of age (such as birth certificate, passport, driver's license) to obtain the work permit.  Applications are processed in order of when they are received, with an anticipated 3-day turnaround.  Incomplete applications will experience processing delays.
    Before submitting the application, please be sure the following items have been completed:  
    • Application must include an original signature
    • Application must include acceptable proof of age, such as:
      • Birth certificate
      • Passport
      • Driver's license