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  • Force America is hiring a senior now!  See the Mechanical Assembler link below.  If interested, see Mrs. Heffelfinger in Room 215 or email jheffelfinger@ojrsd.com.

    Co-op for 2018-2019

    Jobs available for students in the graduating class of 2019:
    See Mrs. Heffelfinger in Room 215

     Bakery Intern – 7:00 to 9:00 am – unpaid – St. Pete’s Bakery

    Co-op scheduled periods 1 and 2

    Teacher Assistant - 1:00 to 3:00 pm – unpaid – Elementary and Middle School

    Athletic Trainer Intern  - 1:00 to ? – unpaid - High School

    Physical Therapy Assistant - 1:00 to 4/5:00 – unpaid - Apex Physical Therapy

    Park Ranger Intern - 1:00 to 4 – unpaid - Nolde Environmental Forest Center

    Office Assistant - Marketing - 1:00 to 4:00 – Paid - Kimberton Whole Foods

    Mechanical Assembler - 1:00 to 5:00 - Paid - Force America

Co-op Students - School in the Morning - Work in the Afternoon!

  • The Cooperative Education Class of 2018 is currently working/interning at the following businesses:

    • Agway
    • American Eagle Outfitters
    • Burger King
    • JW Davis, Inc.
    • Nolde Environmental Forest Center
    • Performance Athletics

    What is Cooperative Education?

    Cooperative Education is a work-based learning program for high school seniors preparing for entry-level jobs in the work force or for further education after high school. Students take regular classes in addition to the Cooperative Education class and work experience and they earn 1 high school credit.

    Type of Work Experience

    Internship (unpaid) – 10 to 12 hours per week

    o   Some students are interested in learning what it is like to work in a certain job, but are not yet qualified to do so. These students can shadow employees and assist with entry-level tasks while learning about the career. 

    Paid – 15 to 28 hours per week

    o   Students are working in a career field, but in an entry-level role

    o   Students are working to earn money while also taking advantage of shadowing opportunities

    o   Students are working in an entry-level role while the employer is preparing them for full-time employment after high school


    • Seniors (grade 12) 17 to 18 years old

    Duration of Co-op Placement:

    • Most students complete a full year co-op experience – 2 semesters
    • Some students complete a fall or spring semester co-op experience

    How Do I Schedule Co-op?

    • Students must be a junior scheduling for senior year or a current senior
    • Make an appointment with your guidance counselor
    • Stop in to Room 215, Mrs. Heffelfinger, for questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I don't have a job?

    • Students can apply for a job that is available through the co-op program
    • Mrs. Heffelfinger will help place you in a job or internship

    What do we do the first few weeks of school?

    • Students are scheduled in class with Mrs. Heffelfinger periods 6 and 7
    • Students complete a career portfolio (resume, cover letter, etc.)
    • Students attend job interviews
    • Students complete a training plan approved by his/her employer
    • Most students start leaving for work every day by the end of September

    Can I use my current job as a co-op job?

    • Yes, as long as your employer agrees with the training agreement
    • No, if you are paid under the table

    What if I don't like my co-op job?

    • Let your parents know
    • Let Mrs. Heffelfinger know
    • You can resign and drop the co-op program
    • You can resign and take another position through the co-op program


Read Updates From Former Co-op Students!

  • Courtney Smith, Co-op Class of 2015

    My co-op job:

    When I worked at Pottsgrove Animal Hospital, part of my job was front desk duties such as answering phone calls, making appointments, and getting patient charts together. The other part of my job was assisting the doctor with the animals during appointments, running lab tests, removing stitches and nail trimmings. I also had the opportunity to shadow different surgeries such as spays, neuters, and tumor removals.

    Since graduation:Diamond

    Since I graduated, I have been working at Diamond Credit Union where I was first hired as a teller. My job was to process member transactions, sell money orders and gift cards, cut cashier’s checks, and of course provide excellent customer service. I recently was promoted to a Member Advocate in November. Now I help members open different savings accounts, print debit cards, handle disputes, open CDS, process loan signings, answer account questions and provide exceptional service.  

    What co-op did for me:

    The biggest thing Co-op did for me was preparing me for the interview process. All the preparation helped me feel confident and much more at ease. It also gave me the opportunity to work with animals, which I loved, but realized it was not the job I wanted forever. One of the first interviews I had for co-op was actually with Diamond, but the hours did not work when I was still in school. I was lucky enough that they offered me a summer position and now here I am almost two years later working at a job I absolutely love! I couldn’t thank Mrs. Heffelfinger enough for all of her help and support throughout my senior year; she is one of the reasons I am where I am now!

  • Sami Rice, Co-op Class of 2015

    My co-op job: 

    I worked at Farmers Daughter Farm Market, while I was in Co-op.  Some of my responsibilities included opening and closing procedures, training and managing new hires, daily office tasks, along with cashiering and running the front of the store. All of which helped prepare me for my current and future job titles.

    Since Graduation:Exton Nissan

    Since graduation I have been attending Delaware County Community College, where I am studying to become a Paralegal. I work at Exton Nissan as a receptionist. I also work the front desk at Lords and Ladies Salon

    What co-op did for me:Delco

    The co-op program was a huge factor in helping me obtain the positions I wanted. I felt prepared during the hiring/ interview process. I knew how to dress and conduct myself professionally, as well as having a completed portfolio with a resume and recommendation letters. I also learned a lot about time management through the co-op program. By the time I got to college, balancing both school and work responsibilities had become second nature. I am grateful for the co-op program because it gave me the tools needed for success.


  • Kyle Rokoskie

    Kyle Rokoskie, Operations Manager of FORCE America, Columbus, Ohio, is pictured here at his desk.   He worked at FORCE America as a member of the Co-op Class of 2009.

    My Co-op Job:

    During high school, my co-op job was as a Shipping Specialist at FORCE America, Inc. My main responsibilities were pulling parts from the warehouse to fulfill orders, packing boxes, and using UPS software to ship to our customers.

    Since Graduation:

    I worked with FORCE America while completing my degree at Montgomery County Community College, Pottstown Campus. FORCE America was great working around my school schedule. In 2011, I was offered a promotion to be a shop foreman in our Columbus, Ohio location. I talked with my parents and decided it was best for me to make the move out to Columbus to begin my future career. At that time, I had been working with FORCE America for 6 years.

    What Co-Op Did For Me:

    My co-op experience allowed me to accelerate my career goals. I have done this with persistence, hard work, and the motivation to move up in the company.

    Beginning in Shipping/Receiving, moving into a shop foreman role, transitioning to Sales/Service Specialist, then to municipal sales, and finally achieving my goal of Operations Manager at the age of 24 has been quite the journey for me. I give credit to the many mentors I have had over the years who have given me the support required to achieve my goal – My parents (Gary & Barbara Rokoskie), the Business Department at Owen J. Roberts (Mrs. Heffelfinger), my immediate managers over the years within FORCE America (Josh Kerlin, Robert Pokrzywa, and Josh Bondi), and my fiancé Haley Treadway.

    Force America


  • Fultons

    Sarah Rivkin, Co-op Class of 2013 (left) is pictured here with her mom Linda Fulton (right) with some of the dogs they groom.

    What was your co-op job?

    My co-op job was being a groomer’s assistant in my mother's dog grooming shop. 

    What responsibilities did you have when you were in high school compared to what you do now?

    While in high school, I was responsible for grooming dogs of my own as well as assisting my mother groom. I also contributed to the scheduling and cleanup. Since graduating, my mother and I have expanded our business to the Main Line where we have a successful shop in Berwyn. Since opening about two years ago, I am responsible for a large majority of phone calls, scheduling, inventory and cleanup. I split the grooming of the dogs equally with my mother but have become much more independent since co-op. 

    What have you been doing since graduation?

    I have been taking classes part time at Delaware County Community College while working towards an associate’s degree in small business management. I have remained very busy working full time in our dog grooming shops as we operate out of the house minimally but in Berwyn up to five days a week. In addition to our grooming business, I have continued to actively show dogs and travel most weekends to compete with my own as well as other people's dogs. In the future, I plan on pursuing my passion even further in the breeding and handling of show dogs.

    What did co-op do for you?

    Co-op allowed me to become involved in our family business beyond my capabilities of that when I was a full time high school student. Coming home early from school gave me more opportunities during a work day, allowing me to contribute much more in the daily work tasks. I'm grateful for the experience co-op provided me as it solidified my passion for the family business while making the transition smooth from high school student to graduate.

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