• The OJRHS Equality Alliance (formerly known as the GSA) works to make OJR a safe and accepting school community for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. All students are welcome to attend meetings. Topics related to the LGBTQ+ community, both within and outside of OJR are discussed. Students are encouraged to share their areas of interest and provide support for one another.

    In working to raise awareness, the Equality Alliance's activities include:

    • Monthly general meetings
    • Solidarity Week (November)
    • Recognition of LGBTQ+ History Month (October)
    • Drives for local charitable organizations
    • Rainbow Connection Leadership Conference @ WCU (April)
    • Day of Silence April
    • Presentations to elementary, middle and high school faculties which focus on positive language and anti-bullying
    • Guest speakers

    GSA Faculty Advisors are Jen Arnst (jarnst@ojrsd.net) and Lynn Mancuso (lmancuso@ojrsd.net). Email Mrs. Mancuso to be added to the Canvas page!

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