Audition for "The Naturals"

Audition Information (Videos due by October 9, 2020)

  • Audition information for "The Naturals"

    • You do not need to audition with the voice part I assigned to you for choir
    • Audition videos should be submitted by Friday October 9, 2020
    • This will be a small a cappella group.  1-2 people per voice part.
    • What are the voice parts: (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 2, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone, Bass, Beatbox)


    Share the video file via Google Drive or an "unlisted" YouTube link to:


    What should be included in the audition video?

    • Your name
    • Which voice part you are auditioning for
    • "Attention" - You may sing along with the PTX recording or to a metronome.  Make sure your voice is clearly heard over top of the recording
    • Please also include a contemporary pop song that you feel showcases your voice (32 bars)



    • Soprano (measure 20-48)
    • Alto (measure 17-48)
    • Tenor (measure 24-48)
    • Baritone (choose either Tenor or Bass -- you may change the octave it is written in)
    • Bass (measure 1-20)
    • Beatbox -- this part is written in the Baritone line, refer to the recording in addition to sheet music (measure 1-32)