Students in this course will gain practical knowledge about starting and managing a small business.  This course reviews and applies entrepreneurial marketing approaches used by successful entrepreneurs. These include utilizing industry sector trends, identifying emerging customer niches, developing new products/services, using guerilla marketing strategies, and Internet and social marketing strategies.   Students will explore the relationship between a well-developed marketing plan and successfully raising start-up capital as they develop a business plan.

    SUGGESTED RESOURCES:   1” Binder with 4 dividers, calculator, and login to the class’ D2L page.

    Class Schedule:

    Entrepreneurial Characteristics

    Information Management (Marketing Research)                       

    Marketing Strategies                                                                                          

    Buying Process

    Leadership Skills

    Organizational Skills

    (Start Business Plan during 1st week)


    2nd Nine Weeks  (9 Weeks Project is Business Plan (20%))

    Human Resources                                                                                                              

    New Employee                                                                                    

    Employee Evaluation

    Ethical Behavior

    Business Plan (wrap-up)

    Financial Management

    (Finish Business Plan by Christmas Break)


    3rd Nine Weeks (9 Weeks Project is Store Operations Project/Case Studies (20%))

    Public Relations                                                                                                                  

    Legal Responsibilities                                                                                        

    Laws Protecting Employers and Employees

    Economic Foundations


    4th Nine Weeks (9 Weeks Project is Store Operations Project/Case Studies (20%))

    International Trade

    Total Quality Management (TQM)

    Career Development