• OJRHS Best Buddies



    Match Party                        LGI                         Thursday, Sept 12                             5-8 PM

    Fall Fest                             Stadium                  Wednesday, Oct 23                         9 AM -1 PM

    RUN101                             Stadium                 Saturday, Nov 9                                 7:30 AM -12 PM

    Thanksgiving Feast             LGI                         Thursday, Nov 21                             10 AM -12:30 PM

    Best Buddies Luncheon       LGI                         Tuesday, May 21                               10 AM – 12:30 PM


    Orientation Meeting           LGI                         Wed, August 28                                2:15-3:00 PM

    Sept Meeting                     LGI                         Tues, Sept 24                                      Advisory

    Peer Buddy Training           LGI                         Late Sept -TBD

    Buddy Integration/

    Team Building                    LGI                         Early Oct-TBD


    Oct Meeting                       LGI                         Wed, Oct 30                                       Advisory

    Nov Meeting                      LGI                         Thurs, Nov 14                                    Advisory

    Dec Meeting                      LGI                         Tues, Dec 17                                       Advisory

    Jan Meeting                       LGI                         Mon, Jan 27                                        Advisory

    Feb Meeting                      LGI                         Wed, Feb 26                                       Advisory

    March Meeting                  LGI                         Wed, March 25                                  Advisory

    April Meeting                    LGI                         Tues, April 28                                     Advisory

    *Monthly meetings will occur on the LAST 5 DAY of each month.  Dates are subject to change due to snow days or unexpected days off from school.

    *NOTE: events held outside of OJRHS building will be announced closer to the actual date of occurrence (i.e. Exton Mall Shopping Extravaganza, Special Olympics, Buddy Ball, etc.)

    *Monthly group events will be organized by officers and advisors, dates and locations TBD