• Program of Studies 2018-2019 Update

    All business courses were endorsed by Temple University, which has changed the weighting.  All business courses are now weighted college prep.  Accounting II, Entrepreneurship, and DECA Business Writing are now Honors weighted.  

    Thinking About Business Education Classes for Next Year?????

    The Business Department offers many half-year courses that can easily fit into a student’s schedule. 

    ·         Student’s gain an understanding as to how corporate financial decisions are made through the Accounting I and II courses, which are a valuable first step for any business career.

    ·         Advertising provides a hands-on approach for students to produce a variety of advertising projects.

    ·         Students interested in law will learn how it impacts commerce in the Business Law course. 

           DECA members interested in getting a competitive edge in the written events can sign up for HYBRID - DECA BUSINESS WRITING, which meets once a week.

           Or take advantage of a dual enrollment opportunity in a computer applications course... Computer Applications Decision Making.


    Full year courses are also offered in Business Education.

    ·         A great introductory course for all students, Business Dynamics introduces all areas of the business world.

    ·         Students will gain and develop effective management skills through the Entrepreneurship course.

    ·         Sports Marketing incorporates the planning, implementing, and controlling of the marketing activities for the business side of sports.