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Cyber Academy


  • All Cyber students follow their normal school schedule on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Please check the High School Website (under Quick Links) for our daily rotation (Days 1-5)  Wednesday is an asynchronous day.  Please see Wednesday’s Office Hours.


  • The best way to access your classes and your teachers is to attend classes at the regular times, synchronously.  When you participate in the class as it is happening, you have access to the teacher and content in real time in real time.  If you miss a class, lessons are posted for asynchronous learning.


  • Class materials are accessed through Canvas.  All class deadlines and assignments are the same for Cyber and non-Cyber students.


  • Attendance.  Please take the attendance quiz each day between 7:15 AM and noon, including Wednesdays.  The attendance quiz is posted by your first period teacher only.  This is how we know you are accessing Canvas and your courses.  If you do not take the quiz, you will be marked absent.


  • Just like regular school, if you should fall behind, communicate with your teachers and school counselors.  They will help you get back on track.