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Cyber/Blended & Blended/Cyber Change Requests

Transition from in-school/Blended instruction to Cyber:

Parents may request to switch their child from in school/Blended instruction to Cyber at any time (email


Transition from Cyber to In-person/Blended:

Students may switch from Cyber to Blended to coincide with the anticipated March 15th transition date.

If you want your current Cyber student to attend school in the building 4 days a week beginning March 15th, please email by Monday March 8th.
● The next date to switch from Cyber instruction to in person, 4-day instruction is
April 7th.
● If your student is currently enrolled as a Blended 2-day or 4-day student and you
would like them to transition to Cyber instruction on or before March 15th, please
email by Monday March 8th.