Gifted Enrichment, The Elective


Can this course be selected in addition to gifted work through a GIEP?

Yes.  The GIEP and this class offering are distinct and separate.  The GIEP will indicate services the gifted student will receive due to his/her gifted needs within their regular education classes and curriculum.  The goals of the GIEP and the associated Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) will be built into the GIEP and be agreed upon and set forth at a GIEP meeting.  Aside of this and in addition to the GIEP, because the student has been identified as being academically gifted, they qualify to select and take part in this elective.


What does this course offer?

Academic freedom.  The student will indicate their interests, abilities, likes, what they enjoy doing, etc. at the beginning of the course.  We will rely on and expect this input to develop and establish a semester-long project (or projects) that the individual or group will agree will be both exciting and meaningful.  If a group project, this information will also be used to develop each student’s role within the group over the course of the project.  This same process can be made to fit an independent study format in which the same procedure for project selection would take place.


How do I earn a grade?

Grades are evaluated at the Honor’s level per the Owen J. Roberts Grading Rubric.  The grades are evaluated based on the following six (6) criteria:


Project Selection:  (Weight of 1)

Actively seeks topics of interest and engages in the selection of the project(s) of choice.

Project Design:  (Weight of 1)

Actively engages in the initial and ongoing evolution of the design of the project(s).

Ongoing Progress:  (Weight of 2)

Consistently and conscientiously strives to move forward with ongoing progress and production.

Communication:  (Weight of 2)

Student updates regularly and advocates when forward progress is slowed or stopped due to unforeseen circumstances. This is outside of the regular communication facilitated by the instructor.

GSPL (Gifted Seminar Progress Log) :  (Weight of 2)

All GSPLs are submitted on time, are up-to-date and complete.  Entries leave no questions as to intent or progress.

Product(s) :  (Weight of 2)

The product (outcome) of the project is complete based on the project's expectations, is of Honor's-level quality and is direct evidence of a best effort.


How many periods per day is this course offered?

Three (3) to four (4) periods per day


How many periods per week may I take the course?

One (1), two (2), three (3) or five (5) days per week


How long has this elective been offered?

Since the 2011-2012 academic year