The Owen J. Roberts High School maintains an active Student Assistance Program (SAP), which is available to all students and is designed to complement the existing educational program. 

    The purpose of the Student Assistance Program is to identify students exhibiting problem behaviors that pose a barrier to their academic and social development.  The goal is to help the student and his or her family to identify problems and develop strategies to deal with these issues.  The Owen J. Roberts School district recognizes that many factors may affect a student’s ability to learn.  By accurately identifying students experiencing difficulties including but not limited to substance abuse, emotional concerns, or other life stresses, we can assist them in realizing their full potential.

    The Owen J. Roberts Student Assistance Program does not diagnose or treat students but gathers information and makes referral for assessment where necessary.

    Our team is composed of trained administrators, counselors, and teachers who accept referrals from parents, teachers, staff, and students.  These members gather data, plan interventions, and provide support to students.

    Intervention options available in the District include individual counseling with student and/or family, support groups, mentoring, referral for assessment of drug and alcohol use, referral for assessment by special education regarding learning needs, and referral to the Student Assistance Specialist for assessment of emotional or mental health needs.

    The Owen J. Roberts Student Assistance Program recognizes the importance of working collaboratively with parents in order to find solutions for problems.  Parents are an integral part of the data collection and planning process and are encouraged to contact the SAP Team with any concerns.

    If you have concerns about a student, a friend, or you have questions, please feel free to contact the Owen J. Roberts Student Assistance Program at 610-469-5869 or reach out to any team member.