• The Animal Studies program provides students with a comprehensive education in numerous aspects of the agriculture, alternative agriculture, and animal science industries. Students electing to take this course will experience a balanced approach to learning about the animal industry as the academic portion of the class will be used in the animal lab. The course provided hands-on experience with small pet-type animals as well as traditional agricultural animals and aquaculture. It also incorporated the major areas of agriculture science and natural resources which are essential for a complete agricultural education.
    In this program, students learn the skills and information necessary to graduate with a solid, basic knowledge of any number of animal science and agricultural topics.
    Students can repeat this course and continue to learn new and interesting information because of the unique structure of the curriculum. Students will focus on four different academic topics each year of the four-year cycle.
    Cycle 1  Biotechnology, Dairy Science, Beef Science, Wildlife
    Cycle 2  Canines, Felines, Small Ruminants, Aquaculture
    Cycle 3  Birds, Poultry Science, Swine Science, Equine Science
    Cycle 4  Reptiles, Amphibians, Entomology, Zoo Science