• OJRHS School Counselors

    Welcome and thank you for visiting our School Counselor page! Below you will find counselor contact information, counselor duties, and counselor-student assignments. As School Counselors, we strive to assist your child with academic, personal/emotional, and social concerns. In addition to this, we assist students in preparing for life after high school, with both college and career exploration and readiness. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have! 



  •  arnst

    Ms. Jen Arnst

    Student Last Names: LB - NZ + TCHS Students


    (610) 469-5200


  • ojr









    Mr. Michael Pagano

    Student Last Names: O - SH


    (610) 469-5158

  • karas

    Mrs. Kelly Karas

    Student Last Names: GM - LA


    (610) 469-5787                                                                                      

  • gilbert

    Mr. Greg Gilbert

    Student Last Names: SI - Z


    (610) 469-5147

    Department Chairperson


  •                                                           gunson                                          guarini

                                                              Mrs. Laura Gunson                                                     Mrs. Janine Guarini

                                                              Guidance Secretary                                                  Transcripts/Records Clerk

                                                             lgunson@ojrsd.com                                                    jguarini@ojrsd.com

                                                             (610) 469-5162                                                            (610) 469-5149