NCAA Initial Eligibility Center

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    When should I apply?

    Students should apply during the anytime after their sophomore year to ensure ample time for processing and record keeping.

    Who should apply?
    Anyone who has even the remotest thought of competing in athletics at the college level should apply.

    How do I apply?

    • Register on the NCAA Eligibility website and fill out the NCAA Domestic Student Release Form by going to
    • Fill out OJR's Transcript Release Form (available here)
    • Bring a copy of the completed OJR Transcript Release Form to the Counseling Office.

    What is the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center?
    The NCAA Initial Eligibility Center is a governing board that was established by NCAA (National College Athletic Association) institutions in 1993. It's primary function is to ensure the consistent application of NCAA initial eligibility requirements and acts as the sole certification authority of student athletics for participants in Division I and II athletics.

    How Were the Standards Developed?

    • Division I academic consultants looked at data from a variety of sources:
    • Graduation Rate Disclosure
    • Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse Data
    • Academic Performance Census
    • Basic Academic Study Skills
    • College Board Survey of Colleges